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Superintendent's Weekly Memo - September 8, 2023

Superintendent's Weekly Memo - September 8, 2023
Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent, Superintendent

A Google Docs version of this memo is also available.

Dear Mustang Families,

This week threw us an unexpected curve ball with unusually warm temperatures for New England. The heat showed us that there are several pockets of HVAC challenges that have resurfaced across the district. Our maintenance and facilities teams have been working tirelessly to keep our systems functioning. Despite the heat, our teachers, staff, and students made the start of the school year a great one for our students. Excitement is in the air and students are happy to be back at school with their friends. During visits to different schools, I ask the students how it feels to be back in school. Our middle schoolers offer a lukewarm “yes,” our elementary students respond with jubilance, and our new kindergarteners report that they’re both excited and nervous. All of those emotions are true and can exist at the same time.

As Superintendent of Schools, I’m excited and happy about this new school year and the new beginning for our students and staff. On an incredibly positive note, our Mustang Football team stampeded to a 19-7 victory against Brookline at Hormel Stadium last night! Our blue and white blood was pulsing through our veins as we nearly made four touchdowns (but only got credit for three). The MPS Band, Color Guard, and Cheerleaders were playing, singing, dancing, and cheering their hearts out. Mustang Nation joined together as families and students cheered on their loved ones.

We know that every game may not always lead to victory, but the community coming together behind one cause, our students, is most memorable. As the weather begins to cool down over this weekend, take some time to create great memories with your families. 

Next Monday, September 11, marks the 22nd anniversary of 9/11/2001. It is a very sad day for many with Massachusetts and New York ties, and it is a reminder for all of us that things can change unexpectedly in a moment. We remember the over 3000 individuals who died an untimely and senseless death at the hands of terrorism. May all their souls rest in peace and may their loved ones find solace and comfort in their memories. Furthermore, we honor our firefighters, police, and first responders who run into danger when most of us would run away from it. Let us thank our first responders over the weekend, if we run into them during our daily activities. Let us commit to an act of kindness over the weekend to honor those who have passed away. It is not the amount that we give, do, or donate, but it is in being thoughtful and considerate of others. Let us challenge ourselves and do something good to show that #MedfordCares. 

Today’s Memo includes:

  • New Message Notification System

  • School Meals

  • Medford Public Schools Mobile App

  • Job Openings in Medford Public Schools

New Message Notification System

Over the last week, we piloted our new Message Notification system, BlackBoard Connect. This system sends emails and text message notifications from Medford Public Schools. We transitioned to this new platform as it works more seamlessly and reliably with our school website platform, FinalSite. On our end, it looks and feels the same as our previous vendor when we send it out. To our surprise, though, the messages appear in inboxes with the sender “” This sender field resulted in some messages being marked as spam, which was not our desired outcome. We are actively working with our vendor to see if this field can be changed. In the meantime, I ask for a little flexibility as we navigate this new system.

School Meals

Under the direction of our Food Service Director, Retta Smith, our Medford School Meals are being devoured by our students! The new menu options are not only nutritious but also tasty, and we have observed less food waste at schools. We are very optimistic and hope to see continued increases in our school meals. Check out the menu for the remainder of the month.

Medford Public Schools Mobile App

We remind you to install the new Medford Public Schools mobile app, which will help students and families stay up to date with news updates, lunch menus, the school calendar and more. Download the mobile application today from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Job Openings in Medford Public Schools

Come work with us! Medford Public Schools has a variety of job openings available now, including teachers, coaches, paraprofessionals and a variety of other roles. Consider applying today!


  • September 9: Brazilian Flag Day, Andrews Middle School at 10:00am 
  • September 11: Meeting of the Medford School Committee, 6:00pm
  • September 13: September Meeting of the Medford Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC), MHS Library at 6:00pm
  • September 15: First Day of Hispanic Heritage Month
  • September 15 - September 17: Rosh Hashanah
  • September 18: Meeting of the Medford School Committee, 6:00pm
  • September 22 & 23: Run Medford (Kids’ Races on 9/22 at Hormel Stadium)
  • September 25: No School, Yom Kippur

Yours in Partnership for Children, 

Marice Edouard-Vincent signature

Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent, Superintendent