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Image of a student with biotech equipment
Image of a student with biotech equipment

The Biotechnology program will introduce students to the field of Biotechnology through career exploration as well as course specific content and skills. The students will be instructed in aseptic technique and the proper use of equipment used in biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering (e.g., micropipettes, and electrophoretic, chromatographic and spectrophotometric tools). In addition, bio-manufacturing industry skills such as Standard Operating Procedures, Good Manufacturing Practices, Instrumentation, and Statistical Process Controls are reviewed.

The Biotechnology program student is eligible for OSHA 10 Hour General Industry Safety Certification and Massachusetts Bio-manufacturing Certification. A certificate in Bio-manufacturing prepares students for entry level positions in many areas of biopharmaceutical production with excellent opportunities for advancement and career growth.

Students who plan on continuing their education at a four-year institute should inquire with their guidance counselor regarding appropriate course selection.