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Image of student drilling wood
Image of a restricted area sign inside the construction classroom

Students in the Carpentry program receive instruction in various methods, tools and materials used in home construction. The primary focus is on house framing, siding, roofing, and interior finish work, with additional consideration for utilizing green building products, energy-efficient installation techniques, and high-efficiency mechanical systems including solar power.

Students are taught fundamentals of design, blueprint reading, layout, and accurate dimensioning. They work with a variety of building and finishing materials, and become familiar with modern methods and installation techniques for those materials. Engineered wood products and pre-fabricated components are incorporated as time and material-saving alternatives to conventional site-built lumber framing. Stu-dents employ the safe use of a variety of hand and power tools throughout their training.

Extended activities range from shed construction to larger building and remodeling projects both within the school and off-campus. Students also participate in field trips and other learning experiences which expose them to career possibilities and opportunities with-in the larger construction context. Retail sales, product development and factory/millwork are just a few options students may pursue. Our program is an excellent stepping stone to an apprenticeship program in the New England Carpenter’s Union and/or a degree in construction management, architecture, and civil or structural engineering. The variety of jobs available and income-earning potential is extensive.