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Graphic Design

Graphic Design & Visual Communications prepares students for careers working in digital technology, printing, publishing, and new media ventures. Classroom experiences and laboratory time provide students with the knowledge and experience to gain an entry-level position working on the technical side of a printing press or media development center. Digital design and production involves primarily the Adobe Creative Suite applications. Classes are focused on using the software to design graphics and layouts, create graphics and images, and manipulate and enhance images. Projects are prepared from concept to production. Students take prepress and production coursework, in which they learn to prepare projects for an offset lithographic press using digital prepress techniques, develop Internet sites, devise electronic page layout and work with digital media sources. Basic business management and entrepreneurial skills for the graphic industry are also taught.

Graduates will have learned the technical skills behind publishing newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other forms of mass graphic communications. Though job skills and responsibilities will depend on the place of employment, graduates of this graphic communications program may find a job as a digital prepress operator, digital media developer, press operator, finisher, page layout technician, output technician, typesetter, proofreader, copy center technician, and print/media salesperson. Graduates work in advertising agencies, newspapers, magazines, printing companies, in-house corporations, the music industry, and multimedia production.