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Programming & Web Development

The Programming and Web Development program combines computer systems administration, computer programming, and website development in order to prepare students for careers in the computer science industry. The program is designed to enable students to succeed in a highly technical, global environment. Students create and understand the technical details of apps for mobile devices, computer software, websites, databases, and networks. Creating programs and applications and building interactive web pages are just examples of the myriad of projects that students complete in this program.

Students become proficient with popular software packages and development environments to develop computer programs and create websites. Computer science and the software design process are taught using languages such as Java and Python. Website development, including design, creation and maintenance, is taught using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Additional content areas include app development, game development, networks and relational databases.

Possible career pathways for Programming and Web Development students include computer programming, software engineering, website design, web development, systems administration, game development, computer support, network administration, database management, computer maintenance and computer sales.

The Programming and Web Development Program prepares students for continuing their education in this field at 2-year and/or 4-year college degree level and assists students with the college selection process.