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Robotics, Automation, & Engineering

Robotics and Engineering is a Chapter 74 Certified program for students who are interested in designing and building things. Students in this program will learn to design and build mechanical and electrical devices ranging from an electronic circuit used to control a matrix of LEDs (light emitting diodes), to a fully functional custom-built robot. In addition to physically building devices, students will learn to write code, the instructions that run everything from Facebook to your refrigerator.

In this program students primarily learn about the fields of electrical, mechanical, computer, and robotic engineering. Students are expected to develop a good working knowledge of each of these fields. Students will learn how to design complex mechanical parts using our industry-standard Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. They will be able to print parts using our high-end 3D printer and directly manufacture parts using precision metal working tools. Students will learn to design electronic circuits on breadboards, create electronic schematics and print their own custom printed circuit board (PCBs). Students will also learn to write C, a computer language used to program the wort of micro-computers found in most electronic devices from your car’s fuel injection system to a cell phone. In addition, students will learn higher level programming languages such as Javascript and Python.

Freshman and sophomore students will focus on learning the fundamentals of engineering and robotics through hands-on projects. Junior and senior students will be expected to design and develop independent projects with an emphasis on real-world projects that solve a need of the community. For example, one of our students has already been featured in the Boston Globe for creating a tele-presence robot that enabled a teacher to participate in the classroom while out on medical leave.