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Mustang Mall

Mustang Mall


- Monday-Friday: 11:00-2:30

- Located in room V209 near electrical 

- We take Cash and Credit

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Online Mustang Mall

In 2014, the Business Technology & Marketing Program was established at Medford Vocational Technical High School. As part of the Business program, the Mustang Mall was created as a school based enterprise operated by the students.

Operating the Mustang Mall, students apply business concepts in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Technology, Finance and Management applying 21st Century learning skills. Our mission is to provide Mustang apparel, accessories, supplies, and school spirit items to the students, faculty, and parents of Medford. The Mustang Mall is also being integrated with all vocational related programs to provide a retail outlet for student created items. Future plans for the store include expanding apparel & school spirit items, accepting credit/debit cards and possibly e-commerce.

The Mustang Mall is currently operated by Dylan Pella, Business Technology & Marketing Program teacher.

*Please note that hours are subject to change. For any questions, please email Janet Esposito at or contact the Medford Vocational Technical High School’s Office at (781) 393-2207.