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Student Parking

Student Parking Lot Picture with Rainbow Sidewalk
All student vehicles parked on the MHS/MVTHS campus must have completed an online registration form before they are officially allowed to park their car at MHS/MVTHS. (

General Information: Operating a vehicle on the school campus is a privilege and not a right. Safety is paramount. Students who violate parking guidelines or behave in a reckless manner may be subject to any/all of the following consequences:

a. Immediate temporary or permanent revocation of parking privileges

b. Legal citations or criminal charge

c. School disciplinary actions

* Note: Parking privileges may also be revoked for other school-related issues

Parking spaces are available each day on a first come/first serve basis during school hours. Students may park only in defined parking spaces in the student/visitor parking lot. This is the 2nd lot in front of the MHS/MVTHS main entrance.

During school hours: Students may not park in the 1st lot in front of MHS/MVTHS, the West Courtyard lot, the Vocational entrance lot, Loading Dock lot, Gymnasium entrance lot, and the back of MHS/MVTHS lot.

Vehicles must not travel in excess of 10 miles per hour on campus. Driving or behaving recklessly/inappropriately in the parking areas will result in temporary or permanent loss of parking privileges and/or legal citations.

Student drivers are not to take unauthorized students off campus at any time. Failure to follow this rule will result in a loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the school year and may result in out of school suspension.

All students must abide by all Massachusetts General Statutes regarding seat belt usage and automobile operation while on the Medford High School Complex. All students are to follow the directions of all adults assigned to parking areas at all times.

MHS/MVTHS is not responsible for damages to or theft from all vehicles. Students are cautioned not to leave valuables in their vehicles. Vehicles should be parked with doors locked and windows closed.

Loitering in the parking lots (especially in the mornings) is prohibited. Students should park their vehicles and enter school immediately upon arrival on campus. Students may not return to vehicles during the academic day without permission from an administrator/school resource officer.