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Overview Of College Admission Exams


  • Duration: 3 hrs. 50 mins.
  • Cost: $54.50 (includes Essay)
  • Three sections: Critical Reading, Math, Writing and Essay (total possible score-2400)

SAT Subject Area Tests: 

  • Duration: 1 hr.
  • Cost: $26.00
  • Subjects include: English Lit., Bio., Chem., Math, and History (full list on website)


  • Duration: 3 hrs. 30 mins.
  • Cost: $56.50 with writing
  • Four sections: English, Math, Reading and Science Reasoning (total possible score-36)
  • No points deducted for incorrect answers (So go ahead and answer ALL questions!)

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language):

  • Scores MUST be sent to colleges directly from testing agency ( or
  • Some schools no longer require admissions tests.  A list of these schools can be found at  Double check with each school to be sure!