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Summer Programs

Summer Enrichment Programs are for college-bound students who want to earn extra credits and build their resume & transcripts early before starting their Fall semester at their college.  These programs are generally for students with a strong high school record and gives the student the opportunity to start early on building a successful foundation at college.  Students accepted into these summer programs have the advantage of earning credits early, working in much smaller classroom sizes, and gain more one-on-one experience with their professors.

Summer Bridge Programs are opportunities for those that need to boost their GPA’s before a college will accept and enroll them as a student.  These remedial programs enroll students in college level courses over the summer and allow the students to bring up their GPA and start building their college transcript early.  At the completion of the program students will be automatically enrolled in a full time program at that college.  In general, the admissions office at that school will refer the student to the summer bridge program if they are not eligible, with their current high school GPA and test scores, to be enrolled right away into a full time program.  Please see the Summer Bridge Program tab for a list of some of the schools that offer this opportunity.  If you are interested in a remedial summer program, but you do not see a school you’re interested in on the list, call that school’s admissions office and ask if they offer this program.